| 2016 | 12 | 13 | penguins |

This is my favourite to date. 

Today kicked off with a lot of fun and games.

The abuse I got for being back on my crutches was borderline tear inducing - no sympathy from any of my parents in the office.

'I told you so' was uttered more than once before everyone stole them to the tune of 'hopalong'.

My 0.7 mile walk home now feels like a marathon.

I am in love with my work family. Piotr is definitely dad and keeps shaking his head at me. He took the biscuits away more than once and has since said I can only have them if I'm good.

If you need your watch fixed then I am happy to help. I think it's my new calling in life. 

I am so very ready for Christmas. Like super ready.