| 2016 | 08 | 04 | nice day 4 |

Today we climbed a mountain.

Actually we climbed more than one. My legs are barely functioning at present because I've gone from essentially no running to twice a day up really steep hills. 

I love this part of the world. It's just amazing in every single way.  Well apart from the bit where I can't actually speak french. That would be handy 

But of course. Jerry's mountain. It's a weird tradition we've found ourselves committing to, and some years, the drive has been particularly long. 

I lost my entire family to the wilderness and had to continue alone, trekking up the hill, battling the tough conditions for 900ft 

I love me some splorin'.  It's an amazing way to spend the day. Intentionally getting lost. 


So I have my second ultra next month. I'm really excited+nervous. I'm never going to break any records (my legs are too short an I like chocolate too much) but still, it's 42 miles. 

Jerry's been totally on board with the running thing this holiday (he doesn't actually have a choice)

My new strategy to get him to run is to take him far away from the house with limited supplies in the sun, and eventually he gets thirsty and needs to chase me down. 

I'm coming back from France on Friday. I'm going to paddle when I get back and then just sleep. I need to sleep.