| 2016 | 08 | 02 | nice day 2 |

In keeping with tradition, we were up at 8 and ready to run.

The usual route, for the usual amount of time.

Then the usual shopping trip.

The usual nap.

The usual lunch

The usual post lunch nap

and to top it off. The usual walk down the valley. Well actually it was more of a run for me - I'm pretending to train. 

on the way back up. 0.4 miles to go.

I have hit the biggest blogging rut so far, and I was hopeful that this holiday would pull me out of it. But we've done this 6 times now and I can't think of a new way to spin it.

Like seriously.  

Take care.

Anyway, that's all in the past now and it's all about what's next. 

I have this holiday, and then one next week in Cornwall to look forwards to and hopefully I'll be back on the blogging train by then :).

Or I'll be so busy I won't.

It's too hot here.