| 2016 | 08 | 01 | nice day 1 |

It was the oranges.

Those damn oranges I had picked up so thoughtlessly pre party were now the topic of every other conversation we were having. And they were causing a lot of stress. 

Jerry flips between the opposite ends of irrationality, on some days absolutely no food waste is permited to the detriment of our waistlines - others everything must go. See the grape incident. 

Today he was yoyoing back and forth by the hour, but the one constant was the oranges. He couldn't bear to throw thems, but we don't eat them. So it was an awful catch 22 underpinning the entire trip. 


The drive to the airport was somewhat tumultuous. A combination of over zealous aircon, a slight aversion to the satnav and too many suitcases resulted in a mess. I just napped.

I'm a pro at car napping, genuinely would love to put it on my CV. 

also since when was my brother going?


We arrived at Gatwick, who even follows me blindly anyway? But we got there eventually.

Amazingly nothing exciting happened, and that is definitely a first.

Then I cut my finger open and bled everywhere.

My dad popped his head through the door a little while later.

'if you were a better child sophie you'd have healed already'