| 2016 | 07 | 31 | week 31 |

It's my birthday week.

I really hate birthdays. 

My birthday was the one day a year my nan would make a huge deal of. She loved Christmas (the christmas cheer was run singularly by Barb) but birthdays without fail she made a little bit more awesome. Whether it be the awful rendition of 'Happy Birthday', squawked down the phone at around 11am, or her unusual take on gift giving - she never missed it. Never. You could always rely on her card to be dropped through the letter box a day early.

So it's not entirely true I completely hate them, but I sure like them a lot less than I probably should. 

Every now I'm struck with some advice that she would randomly blurt out.

this year it's 'Men are effectively idiots up until 26... oh and always wear sun cream'

Another life skill - she taught me how to yoyo. Standing on her garden chairs we chucked them at the floor for hours, until one day it landed back in my hand. I remember the perseverance there.

I smashed my PB on Tuesday. Okay lets add a bit of perspective here, I'm still a very slow paddler, 

I need to train more though.

Wednesday started very blah, work was really tedious and weirdly I found myself drawing on the first years worth of Biomedical Sciences that I did, talking about phospholipids (you know, those amphipathic molecules which are great for forming spheres).


Thursday leant itself to more swimming and working out. I need to start running again properly and prepare myself for the next ultra. Yay/


Happy birthday to me. The flowers Connor bought me had miraculously survived being in his car overnight and they've since been rearranged by my dad. Love it. so much teamwork there. 

Work was tedious

Saturday, the party.

Lets just say, my new years predictions are further off the mark than they have ever been. Like, ever

I got new glasses and tried to take a selfie. WHAT ARE THESE FILTERS

We did a personality test at work. It's interesting (who knows if there's a truth behind it), especially as mine seems to hinge on enthusiasm and spontaneity. Yeah, because I've totally been known to run off to buy smarties in the middle of the night... 

Here's a picture of Ross drinking a particularly pink drink from Bills. I'd give the food there a solid 7 out of 10. 

pink iced tea. best. thing. ever.