| 2016 | 06 | 17 | the ultra creep |

What will you be craving in 17 hours? 

I didn't know either, so when we reached the checkout in Sainsbury's it is safe to say my mum was pretty quick in regretting her decision in offering to pay.


In less than 24 hours I will be standing on the start line with some of the fittest runners in the country. Then there will be myself and Ross, who once again will be adopting the 'we'll have a bash' approach. In all seriousness, it's served us pretty well in the 20 or so races we've completed, but the ones we failed - we really failed. 

The card below was the parting gift from my colleagues. It's got pride of place in my running pack, alongside a beanie baby and a 'lucky' whistle. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that carrying unnecessary items is counterproductive over such a long race but. It's my bag. You pack what you want to when you enter the race k?

I've spent the night at mums - she's the halfway mark between the south and the very very north, so we needed to acclimatise. For whatever reason, her house here feels more like home than the one myself and dad ended up moving into down south. I also have a double bed. So. That's gonna help. 

The evening was spent preparing my food packs - which have already lost their appeal. A mixture of sweet, savoury, crunchy and chewy was supposedly meant to cover all bases. They're now looking gross, and I'm still not sure I like raisins. Mum does though. 

Still better than the gels. 

It was approximated that some people can burn up to 11000 calories. I have no idea how close that is, but even 400 an hour for 20 hours is 8000.

Obviously we aren't trying to eat all of that. 

But I still wanted to have it ready just in case...

this is what 11700 calories looks like. minus the bits we ate when packing
I am so nervous now. I keep on getting surges of adrenalin and my muscles are aching from not using them. I don't deal very well with race anxiety and just stop talking. I really feel like I've forgotten something very important.

I'll post again before the race starts. But I kind of wanted to share the sheer quantity of food on offer.