| 2017 | 06 | 16 | days |

Today started as any exciting day would and should, before moving on to something quite magical. 

I'm re-writing history you see, as if it never happened. 

I then met mike for lunch. 

It started as many days with mike always have, with us devising a plan we were never going to stick to. 

At all.

Filling up my car with petrol was bad enough. 

Photographer in tow, I took the lead. 

Bolting only twice. 

I did that when out with an old friend in a crowded place once.

We don't talk anymore. 

We climbed a tree. 

Mike convinced me that we should climb a tree. 

You'll see me here, clinging on for all of my life. 

- - -

She raised her hands to the sky.

She had nothing more to give.

For in that moment, she had run out. 

She had no more fucks left. 

 - - -

I have such a long day planned tomorrow. 

Can't wait <3