| 2016 | 04 | 03 | week 14 |

I will be blogging again okay? My absence is more highlighted by the fact we're up to week 14 and I've got barely anything to show for it. This is probably because I haven't actually slept for the last 4 days. 

Monday was a day off, and was spent catching up. I read a huge chunk of Breakfast at Tiffany's (I need to read more) before a quick phonecall with Gill. Sometimes I spend all day getting stuff done and then it completely leaves my brainspace, so nothing to report. I bumped into a few of my 'brothers' - you know, the guys who have adopted me due to my inability to function.

Tuesday was a bit of a blur, I was kind of stressed and needed to just go lie down. My lunch break was a little strange - you had to be there, and the gym session in the evening didn't end quite as I planned it to, but luckily I have some amazing people who always know how to calm me down!

Wednesday was an early start for a Hospital appointment, which, as the theme of the week seemed to be going, wasn't quite as planned. Instead, headed off to a goat farm that had been spotted on the drive over...

We saw many animals and I spent a lot of time misidentifying them - which was probably quite annoying to the parents attempting to educate their small children. Yes that pig is a small breed of hippo. Deal with that when you get home.

this is actually a ferret but I spent the whole day calling it a meerkat. 
I felt like the master of all animals. The huge bag of feed that cost me £1 made me many friends under the age of 5 (I was throwing it at children and goats alike. no one was safe).

The below creature is what some have called a 'demi god' - nice to see and nice to touch. Rarely seen outside of it's pen... I don't know. It's an alpaca. They're balls of cotton wool on legs. It's also not a fan of me squealing in its face and being all 'I LOVE YOU COME HOME WITH ME I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE.' And they definitely don't fit in the boot.

Then this happened. A horse made me cry. Actually I think they're called ponies. The level of sass emanating off the smallest creature i've seen was so high that it brought tears of pride to my eyes. These tears then mingled with whatever makeup I was wearing and fell all over my face. Cue me needing to walk it off. 

We grabbed lunch and went for such a weird drive, popping into or near my old old house and scaring the neighbours.

My dad officially lost the plot that evening. I dunno. I was sitting around minding my own business and he started wandering around saying 'no thank you'. I think being in such a high pressure stressful job he needs to come home and vent. Namely by running round shouting 'beep beep'. Why not eh?

Thursday workday. Such fun again. My job is actually ridiculously varied and every day I want to simultaneously high five my boss and scream at him. I think that's how everyone feels though. I don't know why but for most of the afternoon I was giggling over something we can't talk about here, and when my creative director came over to chat about some serious photos I was borderline crying (yep back to this again). She was not so amused. She'll get there.  

I also could not walk at all. I looked like a slightly drunk child attempting to traverse the pavements. Luckily my walk is only 0.7 miles. Unfortunately, that's really too far.

Friday. Lets talk about Friday another day. Some day.

My 17 mile run yesterday was only topped by the stupid number of freckles I now have and the sunburn on my cheekbones. Actually this sunburn spread and has given me some lovely new tan lines. 


Well done me.

waking up from a nap with smudged make up and bedhair. winning. 
Saturday afternoon and evening was somewhat a blur - post opticians and hairdressers and dentists and wherever else my trip into town took me I found some friends and we consumed a lot of television. 

after hopping the fence and retrieving the spare key I then left said key in the door for around 5 hours. I am amazed we haven't been burgled yet.
Sunday afternoon we walked some dogs. It was nice. 

Cheeky little throwback.

I miss obstacle racing so much. I miss training for mud, wind, rain, tears, crying, screaming, shouting, arguing, carrying, burpees, climbing, falling, sliding, slipping, more mud, pain, bruises, cuts, fear, water, swimming, jumping... you name it, I've probably done it. Oh lets not forget the whiplash incident shall we?

throwback to when I had to run 20 km solo and get thoroughly stressed out by the whole occasion. 

My brain is melting sideways. I'll edit this later okay? Promise.