| 2016 | 03 | 20 | week 12 |

Today I ran the Fleet Half Marathon. This year though, I didn't quite have the same disadvantage I did last year (whiplash my friends). I ran with Trevor's dad, and he pushed me to achieve a 2:10 time.

this photo cracks me up, we were taking some test shots to show a client how their product would look.
Gym has been hard recently - work, socialising and sleeping threaten to get in the way so I really have to motivate myself to get out there and train.

I wear glasses.
As you know, and normally my eyes are just fine.

The picture below shows what a day of taking photos does - I get wonky eyes. I have tried everything to stop this, but it's my tell that I've been taking snaps. Gah.

friday night is a real energy sapper - gym then the pub. my cat joined me post shower for a pre-bed nap.
I'm a little bit proud.
I've always been around people who work out through a combination of all my sports, but I still find myself surprised by how these activities bring together exciting groups of people.

Everyone is doing their own thing, getting out and about achieving personal goals. I've finally learnt the hard way that it's not about comparing yourself with other people, but ensuring you are doing the best you can and enjoying yourself (otherwise what is the point?!). 

My foot injury (this again) put me on the backbench for 6 months. I lost so much fitness, strength and mental drive - and ultimately confidence. Finally feel like I'm regaining some of that, and things can only keep getting better.

'work harder', 'don't dislocate'.
I smashed my goal time of 2:20 and maintained 6mph for 13 miles. 

I remember back when I started running how fast a 10 minute mile felt, in fact even an 11 minute mile was kinda breezy. Nowadays these are more achievable and maintainable - but they don't get easier, you just get faster. 


I could nap all day.