| 2016 | 01 | 09 | week 1 |

This week was a bit understated.

Pumpkin is struggling with his weight. I think that's his new years resolution. 

I don't really want to talk about work on here, but work was a little bit stressful this week so I didn't get to do all that much.

Instead I channeled some time and energy to organising my room and making space for the desk I so desperately need. 

This is my guilty drawer. It contains nearly all my skincare - not all my beauty products. This is just a face drawer. It's shameful. 

This sunrise was my borderline acceptable reward for waking up at 6am to go training. 

My dad and I have been keeping to our deal to workout at least once a week together. We're borderline athlete level.

Hopefully next week will bit a bit calmer!