| 2016 | 01 | 31 | week 4 |

I feel like I'm the definition of calamitous. Every time there's the potential for bad luck, it happens.
Last night whilst seeing friends, I went to jump on Trevor's back (hitching a lift) and we ended up tumbling. Unfortunately for me, I landed very hard on my hip and found myself hobbling away. It hurt. I wouldn't have minded if today hadn't have been my first attempt at a 10 miler for the year. 

My left hip feels bruised, but from what I can determine there's no lasting damage. 

Fingers crossed!


I actually managed the distance in a much faster time than anticipated given my lack of long runs for the last 6 months. It may be due to my real focus on strength, speed and muscle endurance (think yoga and weights people!).

1hr 45!

 My foot felt perfect, no niggles - but I'm going to have to keep any eye as the distance creeps up!

Entered the Fleet Half Marathon as well - have any of you entered any races for the year?

This week was fairly uneventful I'm afraid. Still working through my entire wardrobe to get rid of the clothes I don't wear - but I have a feeling I will need to go around again and be more ruthless!