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It's 4.45am. I can't sleep. 


classic de-icing race with my dad. He won.
look at him drive off. damn it. 
My paddle this morning was amazing.

Like -2 degrees amazing with not quite enough clothing on.

My day was then a combination of chores, paperwork and general life.

I went for a quick shopping trip in Marlow too - followed by a sneaky walk around the park.

Testing in the afternoon was awesome.

I've gone up on everything and completely out did myself on chins. 25?! Seriously? Given I couldn't do one two months ago, and only did 4 at the last testing I think that's the greatest indicator the hard work is paying off...... eventually.

Well I think I did that many because I felt like I was going to pass out and can't really remember them.

Which is nice I guess.


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Boxing day.

What better way to start the day than wtih a paddle?

Just look at it.

I'm sure there are many ways you might like to.

But good luck finding them.

'You sure won't find this in London.'

- Ryan Pearce, 2016

We then popped home for lunch and then headed out for a walk. 

Siblyback Lake was freezing. But gorgeous.

We took the anti-clockwise direction (naturally) and almost immediately strayed from any path

Such wandering took us toward structures such as the below.

Which resulted in me falling knee deep into a boggy bit of mud.

It was a combination of concern, disappointment and just, well, shock.

How on earth could anyone be so stupid.

Sadly, we had to head home that evening.


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We had a fairly busy day today, I think.

connor was building. what - we're yet to discover. 

It kicked off with Star Wars. I don't actually know what the film was called but I have never struggled more with a plot before. 

My rudimentary understanding of the film saga: it's an adventure involving a gay robot, a talking hoover, some teddy bears and colourful sticks. Oh, and that guy who has asthma. 

But beyond that - completely and utterly clueless.

Post film I was none the wiser, only in that they all could probably do with some target practice. 

We then had some lunch - think everything on a table you could want in nibble form. 

After lunch Ryan allowed us the use of his river. 

It was a lot nicer today and I took the decision that I would rather stay afloat.

Good thinking I reckon. 

I was genuinely gutted to not have taken my camera out on the water for that session, it looked amazing. 


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We had a lie in. All of until 9am before Connor got bored and demanded we went out and played. 

We went outside for a little walk around the harbour. There were some tall ships, but we've yet to establish how tall...

I couldn't see much of the sea to be honest. 

You can't see it but there's a day marker. It's great because you CANNOT SEE IT

a very aggressive land pigeon. 

Connor's still mastering paddling so takes the time to do it away from the dangers of the water. I respect that. 

Perplexed by the boats we found in some shed by the water. 

He couldn't understand the concept of 'press' so spent the best part of half an hour hanging onto the gym equipment. 

Checking things are as they should be.

This is Ryan.

He owns the local river. 

It's not very nice in there - so the aim is to stay out of the water and somewhere a little more dry. 

Again, Connor was uncertain.

Ryan gave Connor a quick low down on the basics - 'this is a boat' ... 'a what?' ... 'a floaty boaty thing'
We actually went for a really nice paddle, Connor's dad sorted out his K1 so he was a little excited. I tried to stay the correct way up but it wasn't to be. 

Thankfully I swam around in about a foot of water before establishing I could walk. 

It's very safe down there. 


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I am at my most productive when I'm half awake. The distractable part of my brain switches off and I'm able to focus (hence why most of my essays were created between the hours of 11 and 2). 

Though the coherence may not always be viable. 

This. Each post-it represents a piece of work. We did them all. 

Cramming in deadlines before the Christmas period is always a challenge, and this week has felt particularly long and work heavy. Bring on my dream.... to be the best housewife there ever could be.

I love ironing. So much.

I benched 62.5kg today. Absolute PB right there. Very jammy. 

More of these..... because they are fabulous. 

Are you the worst? 

Britta is the worst. 

love sophie xox

Two notes that completely sum up my life.