| 2015 | 12 | 13 | week 44 i think |

In brief. 

I have just finished the twilight films.

I do not understand why the younger female population literally lost their minds. I do not want to be a vampire. 

10/10 would not recommend.

Wednesday was a late night run with a headtorch. I meant to take a driving selfie, I just didn't anticipate the amount of sass that would shine through.

I love Christmas. I don't really buy into the consumerism side - that kind of makes me sad, but I totally love the way we all get together to celebrate. There's a reason and I love that for at least a month we're all making a huge effort to meet up and see each other. 

FYI below is the perfume I'd like. It's so sophisticated. And expensive. Mainly expensive. Dwell on the expense level.