| 2015 | 10 | 25 | week 38 |

Today was the last race of the Hasler series and our club did amazingly well. I achieved an acceptable 3rd after swimming in the canal. Racing the longer distance suited me far better but we would definitely need some more portage practice.

This is G-Power. She's awesome.

I almost took her out during the race, but she did incredibly well to stay upright. 
I'm still trying to convince her to be my coach.

Trevor's struggled a bit each race with nerves, and today was no exception. I hope he's finally learnt that he doesn't need to stress too much.

Speaking of stress.....

This little guy doesn't know the meaning of the word. He waits outside the front door every day for me to get home. 

I think I forgot to post, but two weeks ago I came third in my K1 at Henley and got a promotion (unfortunately not salary-wise). It was an incredibly tough race and I ached for a long time afterwards.