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I'm sorry that I'm just coming home from a run, uploading photos of what happened and adding nonsense.

Today, I made actual, real progress with my dissertation. As in, 40 pages are completely completed, and the final 30 are probably 2 rewrites away. I'm not as close as I'd like, but I'm closer than I was.

yes. that is lip stain in the middle.
To celebrate, I went out to find Whiskers, my owl friend. I think it's sad no one believes me I've seen him every run because I haven't sent them a picture on Snapchat. Sorry for being busy watching him doing backflips.

It was 0.1 miles in when things got a bit strange. I turned left onto my first 0.7mile climb, and ran round a very slow red car. Turns out that red car was actually checking the route was clear for some huge tractor. Which I was now in front of.

I pulled in to let the convoy pass, but was met with shaking heads. They laughed, shouted 'race us, our top speed is 7mph and this is a hill' before getting very close to my feet. I kid you not, it was huge.

I have never enjoyed a run so much - and I genuinely think they would have run me over if I hadn't kept going. 

To explain...the reason this photo isn't great is because my phone is so difficult to get out of my leggings pocket.

I'll miss those guys.

Then I saw a rainbow and my owl again.



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I'm definitely drinking too much coffee. It's doing strange things to my head.

My dissertation supervisor didn't seem to understand I was joking when I said I'd lost my calculator which is why I'd gone over my word count.

She sent me an email with a breakdown of the maths.. it's cool, hopefully she'll think I'm smarter than I am when she reads my actual work.

This is pair 2 of my wildly coloured leggings (just you wait for the third pair - they're borderline dangerous). 

On this particular run, I got lost, spoke to an owl called whiskers then shouted at a tree.

Then there was a thunderstorm behind me for the second part of the run.. but I'm so speedy now.