| 2014 | 08 | 07 | nice day 7 |

We went to the market. It's very hot. We're sitting reading and generally not doing anything.

I think we're a little preoccupied because my cheeky little granny is back in hospital again and it's making me sad.

I've been doing some work on my dissertation, which requires a lot of brain power - but my textbooks are somewhat controversial and get a lot of strange looks in public. I really struggle with focusing on one thing at a time (I'm currently watching vlogs, listening to music in my other ear, stretching my legs and eating lunch) so schoolwork has always been a huge struggle.


Hang on, I just realised I didn't do a weekly wind down for last week.

Just did it.

Fun fact: With my family, quite often they won't answer a question. The best way to draw out their answer is to say 'pardon'. Even though they didn't actually speak, they'll then say it.

Sorry this is written like I'm a five year old. I'm eating pizza.


Just use your imagination.