| 2014 | 08 | 04 | nice day 4 |

Ready, steady, whoah.

Today we were forecast rain - so naturally I went for my run early, finishing just as the first few splatters of rain fell from the sky.

I don't know what it is about storms, but just hearing the thunder miles away got me a little bit excited. The mountains reverberated the sound, each roll of thunder bouncing all around and it sounded huge.

The storm itself brought with it a vast amount of rain and wind, I tried to capture the trees on the other side of the valley falling down - but I'm useless.

And then we couldn't see anything anymore.

The cloud just kind of moved in for a bit. 

It was very perplexing. 

After all this excitement my dad had a nap. 

We climbed quite high

Read about it last year. You know the drill. Fifth time around. 

This view is actually insane. I don't think my photography skills really capture the beauty of this place.

Look at us, looking at the map.

So essentially, I've just bulk uploaded again. Let this do the talking. 

sophie xxx