| 2014 | 08 | 03 | nice day 3 |

This time round

Another run, another trip to the supermarket and yet more french food. My dad was a bit tired from the day before to say the least, so we followed the theme 'lethargy'. 

We decided to re-explore the local area, starting with Antibes.

Whenever driving in France, it's best to set off stressed. Ignore your satnav, behave erratically and do not remain in control of your vehicle. Make sure to shout at your passengers - it really is their fault you're in all the lanes and wave at all the passing frenchmen/women. They'll love it. 

Thankfully the sight of the sea was calming - as was my eclectic mixture of drum n bass and random crap - and our resident chaffeur calmed enough to comment on 'big boats'. 

The scenery around this region is just stunning. I wish I could photograph everything and let all of you see it for yourselves. 

Obligatory sibling photographs in front of the sea. Believe it or not, he managed to take all the photos when I wasn't smiling. 

We then had to undertake the arduous task of finding my dad a 'glass of citron' as he puts it (lemon sorbet). After half an hour of walking turns out he actually wanted a beer. 

As I sit and type, my bum is borderline unbearably burnt. For you see, I forgot that with such a large surface area it was bound to attract most of the sunlight, and thus, more likely to burn - even with factor 50000. 

I'm going to be so chunky with all the baguettes and marshmallows i'm chomping down, but you know what - it's my holiday and I don't care.

I'm also reading a strange but very recommendable book. I'll have to read it again though. Just in case.