| 2014 | 08 | 02 | nice day 2 |

Today was hot. We had set it aside for rest, recovery and recuperation from essentially the whole of summer (for myself and Dad at least, we've really been non-stop).

Starting off with a nice gentle jog around a mountain my poor dad now hates me. He was even sadder when we went to the supermarch√© to buy provisions where he realised we would be carrying it back. 

I'm attempting to tan, not wear make-up and come home healthier than when I left. Hmm. Sorry in advance that all my photos will feature me half naked with no face paint on. 

The afternoon was reserved for one of three walks. Today, walking down the valley to an incredibly clear stream and back up in the most efficient manner possible. We don't hang about. 

If you've read my posts from last year, this is in fact the one where I fell of the mountain.

obligatory photograph. can't you see how excited I am?
 I had more photographs of my dad, but he looks like he wants to cry. It was still around 30 degrees when we attempted this walk and he was not having fun towards the end. 

All involved were pleased I managed to keep both feet on the path this time round. 

This is what happens when I start talking. No one listens.
 I've eaten around twenty marshmallow smurfs and they're making me a little jittery.