| 2014 | 08 | 07 | nice day 7 |

We went to the market. It's very hot. We're sitting reading and generally not doing anything.

I think we're a little preoccupied because my cheeky little granny is back in hospital again and it's making me sad.

I've been doing some work on my dissertation, which requires a lot of brain power - but my textbooks are somewhat controversial and get a lot of strange looks in public. I really struggle with focusing on one thing at a time (I'm currently watching vlogs, listening to music in my other ear, stretching my legs and eating lunch) so schoolwork has always been a huge struggle.


Hang on, I just realised I didn't do a weekly wind down for last week.

Just did it.

Fun fact: With my family, quite often they won't answer a question. The best way to draw out their answer is to say 'pardon'. Even though they didn't actually speak, they'll then say it.

Sorry this is written like I'm a five year old. I'm eating pizza.


Just use your imagination.


| 2014 | 08 | 06 | nice day 6 |


I felt ill.

Is that an excuse?


Not really. But this day passed in a bit of a boring blur. Apologies. 

Ants stole a lot of our food though. 

Oh my god. I just read through the notes on my phone - my drunk ones are amazing. I can't actually show them to you because they're either secret or a bitbrude.

this week has been quite an amalgamation of drivel.



| 2014 | 08 | 05 | nice day 5 |

My dad (Jerry) was not happy on our run this morning - but I mean, when is he ever?

We went for an explore. It was great. Found some even bigger hills. Well mountains. 

Caves again
 Seriously, I feel like we're doing the same as last year.
We kind of are.

I put the poor quality of these photographs down to my iphone and the fact I hate enclosed spaces.
Seriously this place is my worst nightmare.

There are no windows. 

That hole is 72m deep. Or something.

French love their glow in the dark water.


And I'm out.

sophiedophie xxx


| 2014 | 08 | 04 | nice day 4 |

Ready, steady, whoah.

Today we were forecast rain - so naturally I went for my run early, finishing just as the first few splatters of rain fell from the sky.

I don't know what it is about storms, but just hearing the thunder miles away got me a little bit excited. The mountains reverberated the sound, each roll of thunder bouncing all around and it sounded huge.

The storm itself brought with it a vast amount of rain and wind, I tried to capture the trees on the other side of the valley falling down - but I'm useless.

And then we couldn't see anything anymore.

The cloud just kind of moved in for a bit. 

It was very perplexing. 

After all this excitement my dad had a nap. 

We climbed quite high

Read about it last year. You know the drill. Fifth time around. 

This view is actually insane. I don't think my photography skills really capture the beauty of this place.

Look at us, looking at the map.

So essentially, I've just bulk uploaded again. Let this do the talking. 

sophie xxx


| 2014 | 08 | 03 | nice day 3 |

This time round

Another run, another trip to the supermarket and yet more french food. My dad was a bit tired from the day before to say the least, so we followed the theme 'lethargy'. 

We decided to re-explore the local area, starting with Antibes.

Whenever driving in France, it's best to set off stressed. Ignore your satnav, behave erratically and do not remain in control of your vehicle. Make sure to shout at your passengers - it really is their fault you're in all the lanes and wave at all the passing frenchmen/women. They'll love it. 

Thankfully the sight of the sea was calming - as was my eclectic mixture of drum n bass and random crap - and our resident chaffeur calmed enough to comment on 'big boats'. 

The scenery around this region is just stunning. I wish I could photograph everything and let all of you see it for yourselves. 

Obligatory sibling photographs in front of the sea. Believe it or not, he managed to take all the photos when I wasn't smiling. 

We then had to undertake the arduous task of finding my dad a 'glass of citron' as he puts it (lemon sorbet). After half an hour of walking turns out he actually wanted a beer. 

As I sit and type, my bum is borderline unbearably burnt. For you see, I forgot that with such a large surface area it was bound to attract most of the sunlight, and thus, more likely to burn - even with factor 50000. 

I'm going to be so chunky with all the baguettes and marshmallows i'm chomping down, but you know what - it's my holiday and I don't care.

I'm also reading a strange but very recommendable book. I'll have to read it again though. Just in case.



| 2014 | 08 | 02 | nice day 2 |

Today was hot. We had set it aside for rest, recovery and recuperation from essentially the whole of summer (for myself and Dad at least, we've really been non-stop).

Starting off with a nice gentle jog around a mountain my poor dad now hates me. He was even sadder when we went to the supermarch√© to buy provisions where he realised we would be carrying it back. 

I'm attempting to tan, not wear make-up and come home healthier than when I left. Hmm. Sorry in advance that all my photos will feature me half naked with no face paint on. 

The afternoon was reserved for one of three walks. Today, walking down the valley to an incredibly clear stream and back up in the most efficient manner possible. We don't hang about. 

If you've read my posts from last year, this is in fact the one where I fell of the mountain.

obligatory photograph. can't you see how excited I am?
 I had more photographs of my dad, but he looks like he wants to cry. It was still around 30 degrees when we attempted this walk and he was not having fun towards the end. 

All involved were pleased I managed to keep both feet on the path this time round. 

This is what happens when I start talking. No one listens.
 I've eaten around twenty marshmallow smurfs and they're making me a little jittery.


| 2014 | 08 | 01 | nice day 1 |

This year

Sunday, we woke up to the pitter patter of rain falling from the sky. 

Thank god the forecast in France was sun sun sun. 

Despite being the normally annoying, immature and loud sibling, I have thing that shuts me up. Sleep. I don't know if there's a better name for it, or even a name at all, but any car, train, bus or plane journey sends me to the land of nod, so when with friends I really have to fight it to stay awake. Luckily for me it substantially speeds up long commutes, and luckily for everyone else  I've finally stopped whittering.

I was once chastised by my Grampa, a man determined to model me into an elegant young woman, that I laughed too loudly, easily and genuinely. He told me I would need to become less impulsive and more in control. I disgreed, running off upstairs and giggling as I tripped and added one more bruise to a never ending collection. Eight year olds aren't receptive. Nowadays, I do try, but still get into ridiculous bouts of stomach wrenching laughter.

Today, through a stroke of luck , we were once against flying business class. The details are irrelevant, only that during flight food is served on a tray, crockery included. Painstakingly slow service led me to order a chicken curry instead of the thai beef curry. The half vegetarian that I am meant I ate most of the meal before requesting a swap. I sat feeling a little guilty as he had to go and heat a completely different meal before serving everyone hot drinks.

Moments later we hit turbulance. The only bit for the entire flight and it was incredibly bouncy. Full mugs of drink went everywhere, as did food and cutlery. It was kind of funny. Five minutes later and we'd have been fine, but perhaps due to me delaying drinks service (by changing my order), no one had had the chance to consume their hot beverages.
Looking across at my dad and sister we began to laugh, pathetically wiping ourselves down and  sampling meals which had turned into a strange milky soup.
A woman two rows in front was less able to see the funny side. She demanded our delightful 'host' salvage her food and clothes. My dad's incredulous look pushed me over the edge as he mimed handing her his napkin and spoon, before taking a swig of tea from his salad. The combination of her face, his continuing fun making and my own mess started a bout of laughter not meant for the confined space of the cabin.

I just couldn't stop.

I couldn't breathe, I was crying and everytime I almost regained control I spilt more of my coffee salad-wards.

I'm an embarassment. But at least the child crying three rows back eventually drowned out my own howls.

We finally got here
Delays, waiting and strange routes meant we only arrived at 8pm France time, but in the end, it's all good. The familiarity of this region means we now know what to expect, and exactly what to pack. I'm so glad I remembered a woolly hat and gloves.

I've eventually decided that no, I would not like a cow that produces green top milk, but instead would invest in a full fat one just in case I wanted cream. 

You never know when you'll need to mix up some butter in a hurry. 

We're so much more chilled out this year than last. Dad forgot the board games, but he's let it drop in a hurry and is happily pottering around (that's a lie, but he's washing carrier bags. we don't know why or really when he'll stop, but he seems happy).

a headache inducingly-unfocused photograph.
I got the top bedroom - complete with a double bed and ensuite, oh, and incredible views. 

Only downside is all the stairs. 

I love this region of France. It's so peaceful and quiet. Perfect.

We unpacked and sat outside picking at baguettes, ham and cheese. I wasn't in the mood to cook and the three of us were actually quite tired.

Those trees look weird.