| 2014 | 05 | 21 | passing time |

One day, Ross and I want to look back to now and reminisce about the time we got arrested for rearranging a car park.

With our arms.

'But you see officer, it was all for the gainz.'

It's all about gaining from workouts. 

He once walked 25 miles because he had a day off. 

I once built a shed, with a broken ankle.

Those are gainz. 

The race is never the finish line, it's all about training for the one after. 

Some Rossisms, in case you needed advice:

'I only deadlift to get sophie over the obstacles. It's not a personal thing, more a team survival situation.'

'I don't actually need fractions. I mean, when are you going to do a half press up? Never. That's when'

Chicken = pure gains. If in doubt, have some more. You really can't go wrong.

'I don't do injuries. I don't think they exist. They're just weakness seeping out.'

Please be aware, careful with using the z. It's not always appropriate. Gains aren't always gainz.

We're now winding back into training. We've had a week off following dirty weekend and our muscles are starting to get twitchy. These next few weeks will just be boring, getting back into the swing of exercise and putting the pressure back on. 

The next race is 5 weeks away. I'm so desperate to conquer the walls. I've also got to alter my running style to accommodate my new trainers - they're pro, don't you know.