| 2014 | 04 | 13 | week 15 |

I didn't realise I had missed the last two weeks. This makes the OCD side of me very sad.

This weekend was awesome!

My friends are all finally getting back from uni and things are occurring.

Friday night was long and arduous, an ambush by my parents culminating in a 3 hour symphonic performance by my sister and some kind of BBC orchestra or something. I still don't know. I just sat down in the audience to be presented with the news 'there will be no dancing'. Ah man.
It was actually pretty good - I'm not very good at sitting still, got the giggles and then fell asleep - but that's fairly standard.

On the sunday I then got up early and hit the gym. Was fun fun. I'm now approaching the highest intensity week of my training plan (I think) before the wind down til the race. 2 WEEKS PEOPLE.

This week I am thankful for:
music. all things old and new. I was heading for a 90's phase but segway-ed (ROLL WITH IT) into some drum 'n' bass. as you do.
my hairdresser. saved the day post bleachathon. My poor hair was the consistency of straw - but now it's smooth and fresh.
awkward greetings, getting lost and a good read.
we got a huge box of old photographs down from the attic earlier in the week and spent an entire day laughing at my jumper collection (I was beyond fashionable).
finally deciding on my dissertation topic. it's not cheeky at all.

The lust list:

These trail trainers . Well that's just the beginning really.
new perfume.
someone to tidy up after me