| 2014 | 03 | 10 | life fail the run |

Picture the scene.

It's 6am. The world is asleep except for me. I am out running. Pounding the streets if you will. Wearing far too few layers for the North my breath forms a continuous stream of condensation clouds. I could barely keep my eyes open and was half awake.

one earphone in, and one out - to ensure I can hear the world around me (cars can be a problem), but that's okay because my music is awesome.

There's a part of my run which takes me over a red bridge, it's around 200m across and I love to sprint it - don't ask.

As I neared the bridge I picked up the pace, turned a corner


straight into a solid object.

My balance was off so I bounced straight backwards into a hedge and then a puddle. On my bum. It hurt.

It also took far too long to work out what had just happened. My tired brain worked its way upwards, taking in the other person in a puddle and the streetlight which had stopped working seconds earlier.

The other person?

I tried again.

I think I had just run into another human being.

 He too was struggling to comprehend the situation, we both had music blaring from strewn headphones and were just sitting in puddles.

'Well' (Icebreaker right there)

'that wasn't quite what was meant to happen' He stood up and helped me up too, inspecting the damage. We both awkwardly laughed, exchanged notes about the weather, a need for reflective clothing and how early it was. Then just started running in opposite directions.

I wonder if we will ever meet again.

My memorabilia was a huge bruise on my hip and soaked trainers.

I think I'm in love.