| 2014 | 02 | 13 | fitness |

Yesterday I ran 9 miles.

I feel like that deserves a small pat on the back. 7 months ago, even 1 mile would have been a struggle.

In the running world 9 miles is but a warm up - but for me that was a real milestone. We did time it (around 2 hours) to work out the pace for next time.

we run a long way in one direction. then get the metro back.
I think the best thing someone once said to me was 'your legs will only stop if you tell them to'. In the midst of fatigue and a desire to curl up it seems to be the only thing I can focus in on. That, and singing a certain S Club 7 song...

For the next 4 weeks or so we will be completing one long run a week and two slightly shorter supplementary ones in between. I'll also be working on upper body strength and general core stability - mainly through a dance physique class (which by the way is not for the faint hearted).