| 2014 | 01 | 19 | week 3 |

This is more of a 'throwback' photo session - I'm sure you can forgive my hair etc. in the name of immaturity... Please appreciate I am not photogenic (in any sense of the word) and my face doesn't always play ball.

These past seven days have been a period of reflection, reinvention and self-analysis.

 The boy and I are no more, but that's okay because it was for the best and we are both much happier (I say that tentatively) for it. We sat down like adults and discussed all manner of things before the conclusion was made that we are better off as two. That doesn't mean he won't be a massive part of my life though. That's just silly.
I can't deny there is a little sadness in my heart. But that would be inhuman to be otherwise.

this was an interesting christmas. to say the least.
The picture above was after the first christmas without my mum in the house (she moved out you see). My dad wasn't the happiest but we muddled through and I had the renowned new years party (he will never forget that one!) which set us all back on track. When it isn't such a taboo I'll tell you all about it...

i don't look like this kid anymore. they're also not my sunglasses. I don't know how I found them on a mountain.
These two photos are taken on top of a mountain (yes the same one from last summer, we've been there a lot) - this was also the first holiday without my mum there. It's amazing how we are able to adapt to unfamiliar situations and make the best from what we have. My sister is pink because she's allergic to the outdoors.

 This week I am thankful for:
My legs. They're exceptionally faithful. They never leave me - they sometimes get tired but they're always there when I need them (a stark reminder of the year I couldn't walk).
a particular red headed friend - she took my away from my intense routine of essay writing and exercise to spend the day relaxing at hers. eating copious amounts of garlic - that's okay because I'm single now.

yes i'm taking my shorts off - my sister thought it was funny and took a picture. what an amazing view ;).
The lust list:
a holiday just as incredible as the one photographed above. honestly, that week with my dad and sister was just perfect.
though I can't have everything, I would love for Newcastle to be far further south. There. I admitted it. I am southern and I miss my people.

It has been very strange spending the exam period at 'home' home. Away from the intensity of the late night library sessions and stressed student population, I feel weirdly relaxed. 

love sophie


sorry to dwell on break-ups etc. It is a little on my mind