| 2013 | 08 | 01 | nice day 1 |

I mean the place, not how lovely it was.

Oh wow. Today has been amazing. If I could describe the perfect day to begin a holiday, I think this one would almost fit the bill.

Waking up at a leisurely 7.15 I went for a cheeky run (as you do) before finishing packing and demanding that the others put my shoes in their suitcases. This is the response.

We got to ride on a shuttle train between the car park and Terminal 5.

Having flown numerous times from Terminal 5 I thought I knew the drill. However, my Dad gently grabbed me by the arm and guided us over to bag-drop zone H.

nom. I actually couldn't eat all that. I did try.

Nice is hot. 30 degrees is a tad excessive when waiting outside for the hire car, thank golly for air con. Oh just a side note, the boyfriend ended up on a later flight, no upgrade, and had to wait in departures for over 3 hours. He's a trooper.

We're renting a house in a little place called Saint Cezaire sur Siagne, and it is stunning. The views are breathtaking across the mountain and I had a run around the four storey house like a small child.

apologies. my photography skills aren't great so don't really sum it up

I'm a top housewife and made everyone dinner.

Just in case you were wondering, because we arrived on a Sunday nothing was open, so we had to bring food with us. On the menu was roast chorizo with a cheese sauce, tomatoes, capers and onion with some french bread. So healthy and balanced - but make do with what you have!

We retired to the balcony to play too many games of Perudo and rummy.. Then my dad fell asleep.