| 2013 | 08 | 08 | nice day 5, 6, 7+8 |

These three days (plus the travel day) were more of the now established routine. Early wake up calls for those who were participating in the morning run, followed by a trip to the local croissant shop for some breakfast.

We'd then sit around in the sun all morning until the midday heat became unbearable - it doesn't take much here.

Afternoon activities were still limited to mountain climbing, visiting random places or sleeping.

Day 5- visited Grasse. Now this was a stressful adventure

My Dad felt it was appropriate that we had a 'cultural' expedition. So he picked a spot on the map and decided we would go there. Turns out, interestingly, Grasse is considered to be the perfume capital of the world and has a dedicated museum. Setting our sights on this elusive location, our driver (the father) decided to ignore all directions from the key navigator (moi) and got horrendously lost and angry. That's okay though, he calmed down once we assured him there would be a cuppa at the end of it all.

The museum was surprisingly interesting (annoyingly no photography allowed). My basic French vocab allows me to have a slight understanding of the written words so I gleamed some interesting facts. I wish our perfume bottles nowadays were as gorgeous as those in the 18th and 19th century.

Our little group was by this point quite hungry so went on a crepe hunt. Yummy. The weather still held up, hitting 34 degrees. Scorching.

Day 6 - mountain again. Because the first time was great

The boy and I, in the spirit of training for Spartan (yes that's still creeping closer) decided to speed walk back down and up the valley in 30 degree heat.

I enjoyed it even less without the adventure of almost falling off. But I'm still proud we completed it in an hour and half, equipped with super sensible shoes.

That evening we demolished dinner and and worked our way through the second of our anticipated melons. Cheekay.

this is the view from the not quite top window. I almost dropped my camera.

I accidentally left a window open that night, and coupled with leaving a light on we managed to accumulate a million moths and the biggest dragonfly I have ever seen. You could have probably ridden on it.

Day 7 - we went for a strange drive around the road and the market

The morning kicked off with the town's market. Having spent the week in a kind of ghost town we were shocked by the hustle and bustle. Above is pictured olive wood kitcheny bits - I have such a crush on it and would have happily bought the majority were my baggage allowance not quite so full.

France has such exciting food. I don't even know how tomatoes get like that. And yes, bottom right are eggs. 

If you walk a little past the market into the old town you will stumble upon the renowned place for viewing the valley. Windyyyy. 

Ahhh, lovely french things. Honey, flavoured with flowers from the valley (I think), sundried tomatoes and olives, and big bottles of olive oil (meant to be a local specialty). A little cheeky splurge. I cannot wait to try the honey.

After lunch we hopped in the car and went for an exploratory drive. My poor dad still cant drive the wrong way round car and really struggles with the windy roads. Hah. The air-con was such a relief, it hit 36 degrees or something silly.

We found a bridge over La Siagne (the one we walked down the mountain to find), and started driving up the other side.

On holiday with two other bloggers, what do you expect.

If you look at the below photo you can see our house. It's kind of hard for me to explain exactly which one, so you pick!

Day 8 -To the airport. what fun

For breakfast I treated myself to a Pain au Raisin - so so good, but so so naughty - and packed my bags by putting things in the others suitcases.

all that sugar. yum
One last picture of the valley before we had to say goodbye.

We left our hosts a message in their visitors book - looks like we weren't the only ones to have a good time! The picture was before my dad had left his scrawl, if you noticed the missing word...

We had to collar up for the journey home, but please, no ties. Let us not be ridiculous.

He couldn't wait to get back in a right hand drive.

My suitcase didn't fit in the boot so these kids got to snuggle with it the whole way back. That's over an hour.

Au revoir france -  you will be missed!