| 2013 | 08 | 04 | nice day 4 |

I'm going to jump straight to our adventure - you're all bored of hearing about what I ate for breakfast, it's not going to change. We're in France. 

Expedition for the day was attempting to find the elusive river at the bottom of the valley. If you've had a look at my other pictures you'll know it's a very long way down. 


I was trying to pass the time. A lot of time passed, about two hours before we reached the bottom. To just put that into perspective, it would take even longer to climb back up. 

We made it. There was a waterfall formed from the rain earlier that day blocking the final few metres, but the river was lovely.

Yes. Those are my mountain climbing clothes. They were washed. Don't judge me.

Walking back up, my attention wandered and I was mindlessly staring out across the valley and just generally upwards. I turned to Toby to point out an interesting tree or something, before the ground fell away from under my feet. I slammed down onto my chest, legs hanging out over the side of the mountain, scrambling desperately to grab onto anything to stop my fall.  What a good tree I chose to hang off, and before I completely disappeared, Toby already had a good grip on my shoulders and was busy stopping my descent.  Between us, I got back on my feet, the adrenalin causing the giggles. We took a small moment to have a good look how far down I would have slid, definitely broken legs, potentially worse on the rocks below.

i may be smiling on the outside, but I was shaking on the inside. the photo doesn't really show how far down i could have gone....

Walking the rest of the way was a little bit painful, my hips and legs were sore from my little accident, but I kind of deserved it. In total we were walking up and down for around 3 hours (it's quicker going up!)

I now have some amazing bruises to join the mosquito bites - probably the most attractive legs in the world... only sunburn left to go.

Dinner was a simple chicken dish with a ridiculous amount of pasta (we were ravenous after the climb) before we settled down for a record game of Newmarket (with our rules) - I'll be uploading how we play in the near future.