| 2013 | 08 | 03 | nice day 3 |

Today was hot. 

our little street with all the lovely window boxes
As we emerged down the stairs in the morning it became apparent how bad the mosquito damage was. Quite clearly our little gang is just delectable. Nom. Thankfully my Dad took it upon himself to locate some mosquito relief, which quite frankly is giving me no relief whatsoever, and I just want to itch at my legs all day. Unacceptable.

We ran for 40 minutes around an impressively hilly route before collapsing on the sofas. It was so hot, too hot to be doing anything mildly exerting so the mountain climb we had planned was delayed until that afternoon.

Lunch was more of the same, baguette and an array of hams and cheeses - accompanied by a cup of tea of course!

At half 3 we set off to our favourite location in all of France. I don't even know where it is, all I do know is that the views are breathtaking. It took around an hour and a half to get there, and on the way we saw some incredible things. The destination itself is a walk up a mountain which we stumbled upon a couple of years ago and has since resulted in a yearly pilgrimage.

Lac de Saint Cassien - the biggest lake I ever saw. Road trip 
Mountains are commonplace, but each one has it's own character and we spent most of the journey gawping out the window (except my Dad, he was driving and concentrating thoroughly on the road..)

As we neared the region called 'Esterel' (I believe, I actually have no idea), the mountains got more imposing and the road more treacherous. My dad understandably gets very stressed when threatened with being pushed off the side of the road down a million miles into the valley and his stress levels hit an all time high of 8/10.

Thankfully, we weren't put in any real danger and parked at the base of the mountain, very much prepared for the hike - I had vaseline and hair spray...

The view from halfway up
 The walk itself takes you right around the side of the neighbouring 'hill', by the point you turn back on yourself already you're very high up, and still climbing.

Some parts are very treacherous underfoot - none of the stones are fixed so you have to be very careful. Or, just close your eyes and hope.

This is me, standing on top of the map. I won't apologise for my appearance (THOSE ARE SENSIBLE SHOES, SENSIBLE SHORTS AND AN APPROPRIATE VEST) as I had just climbed a mountain.

On our drive out we spotted a little family of the elusive wild boar. They were adorable. 

Dinner was lovely, we sat outside for hours and played UNO. I hate UNO, but made it through two games before wandering off to look at the lizards running around our terrace. I even offered for them to join the game but they all ran away.

awh, my dad looks so happy even though he exploded one of the candles and burnt his hand