| 2013 | 08 | 02 | nice day 2 |

I have just had a terrifying experience with my camera and nearly lost all my pictures. But thankfully a computer nerd was on hand to assure me that things are never really deleted. Or something to do with microscopes...

Right, back to today. We kicked off the day with a run around a mountain very early on in the day, which resulted in us all getting a bit hot and bothered (but well exercised). This was then followed with my dad purchasing far too many croissants and pain au chocolat - at his persistent insistence we sat and munched them down whilst watching the shadows being pushed back by unrelenting sunlight. 

After popping out to the local supermarket we rustled up the usual 'french' lunch on a fresh baguette - I unashamedly scoffed my face. This holiday will not be kind to my waist line! 

After an afternoon nap, our little gang headed out towards Les Grottes de Saint Cezairea complete mystery to all involved. After getting lost twice it was revealed we would be visiting some caves. Caves. As you would expect, I was suspicious that this was another man trip which would end up with me falling down and breaking my leg whilst onlookers laughed and pointed. Thankfully, the caves had handrails so my fears were allayed.

did you ever see a cave inside a building? nor did I until today
The guide was a babe and translated everything from french to english, just for us four. Oh the shame. 

I shall admit it, the caves were fascinating - as were all the little facts the guide threw in. Apparently it was formed 5 million years ago by a river and the rock formations have been developing ever since, to be stumbled upon by a farmer who was just trying to remove some stones from a field! 

If you're in the area you should definitely go and have a little look - for the cold temperatures if not for anything else! 

So I had another nap this evening, but dinner wasn't far behind (chicken and more chorizo with mushrooms and onion) before we sat and read an array of books whilst staring out across the valley.

I know it doesn't sound like a particularly fruitful day, but there was a lot of walking involved!

Bonne nuit!