| 2013 | 07 | 29 | throwback to my 21st |

I managed to dig up some pictures of all the fun from my 21st (but there really should have been more to do it justice). My dad did himself proud with the set up (marquee, bunting, lighting and so on) and put on a spectacular BBQ. What a guy.

It was all very exciting you see.

I managed to bring together just over 40 friends, some who I have known for many years and others who I have picked up along the way.

The boyfriend and the best friend spent the evening teasing me with their perfect match as a couple. That's fine, I didn't want to be their third wheel.

I'm not the most photogenic but as the night wore on I was worn down and forced to piece together a smile. 

These guys are some of my oldest and dearest friends, we used to row together and now prefer to sit back and let others do all the hard work. You'll also see in this picture my pink drink, much to everyone's amusement no one else seemed to know what it was!

so very pasty, and that's with a shade darker foundation than normal. oh my.

My dad and I co-spoke. I'm not sure if people were laughing at or with us, but all the same they laughed.

I have a mild phobia of birthday cakes. My attempts to run away were severely thwarted.

It was after the champagne that things got a little hazy and the camera got drunk. It was an amazing night, busy and blurry, but perfect all the same.

No one was feeling too pretty the morning after.