sophie didn't do anything at all.


'i am a 21 year old student. I live half with my parents (in the holidays) and half at uni with my amazing friends. i like to eat well and drink copious amounts of far too sweet tea.
I also have a struggle with life. '

I was cute huh?

I graduated, still drink copious amounts of far too sweet tea and continue to struggle with life.

This is a delightfully candid representation of me. Don't take it too seriously.

The only difference being is that I am now attempting to 'adult' between the hours of 9 and 5 every weekday. 

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i don't bite!

I'm also PR friendly which means you can easily promote your brands and products to myself and to my readers. Don't hesitate to drop me a line - I'm open to sponsored posts, give-aways, reviews and advertising. Looking forwards to hearing from you :).


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