Tuesday, 10 July 2018

I realised something today.

It struck home.

I haven't been paying attention.

I've been letting the small bits through.

I haven't been appreciating the little things in my life which are actually quite large.

The sunrise every day, which actually gives everything I know life.

The fact I have a roof over my head, running water in a tap and food in my cupboard.

I'm going to start slowing down.

Savouring every second.

Savouring every person.

Giving them my time because life can sometimes be so short and you never know which will be your last. Or theirs.

So make eye contact. Smile when they speak.

And don't take people for granted.

People aren't forever.

They're so temporary.


Tomorrow morning. I'm going to wake up early. And I'm going to paddle. Slowly. Because I can. And I'm going to enjoy the sunrise all the more for those who can't.