Thursday, 8 March 2018

| minimalism | digital | clearout

Recently, I've been pressing the 'unfollow', 'unlike' and 'unsubscribe' buttons a lot.

As in a lot.

I am frustrated by the role models we have out there; with huge levels of followers but actually very vacuous content. It's. tedious. My digital sphere is filled with content creators who are creating with no purpose (disclaimer, I actually love that everyone is creating, but I want to see some value!).

It all started when a video appeared in my youtube subscription boxed titled 'Primark Haul' and I recoiled. A quick scroll brought back similar content - shopping sprees, reviews of products, collections, plastic, just waste.....

A what now? A haul? Mindlessly watching someone unpack a shopping back is about as educational as watching paint dry.

How are we still doing this.

I then went on to scrutinise the newsfeed scrolling on Facebook and Instagram and was again finding myself avoiding specific accounts, rather than just removing them.

We have so little control over a lot of the things we're exposed to, and we just make it harder for ourselves.

- - -

Please be critical of the voices you are surrounded by. Create a digital sphere in the same way you would your friends.