Saturday, 10 February 2018

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I feel like for every blog I've started I've done some kind of abstract, arty, intro post.

But specifically, for living light, like lola I want to clear up why my focus is on this reduction and 'lack of weight' (conscious living) rather than specifically zero waste or minimalism.

I will however refer to both of these terms on my online channels and in future posts as they are so ingrained within these communities.

I do feel that this is one of the most important movements around as it has such a righteous sentiment, but it's also intimidatingly absolute. Zero waste bloggers come under criticism from people who aren't, for the small pieces of waste they are producing and this creates a huge divide in the community.

It's just not possible to create no waste so rather than focusing on that I believe we need to look at our overall impact and improvements.

For anyone looking from the outside in to this community, it's so far from their current lifestyle that they can't fathom the change. It's full of opinionated and strong willed humans who are very quick to criticise and chastise. For the average person, this is simply off putting and overwhelming.

The way I see it, this is my planet too. One person shouldn't be able to negatively impact on someone else's space, especially when there are steps we can take to avoid it. That's why I'm on a journey to reduce my impact on the planet and hope others will return the same courtesy.

It's my responsbility. What's yours?

another movement I'm a huge fan of (and desparate to achieve), but destroyed by its own existence. As soon as you put a term to a collective lifestyle choice - rather than a specific set of rules, it becomes opened up to criticism from the press and stereotyping. I've also had people tell me I own too much to be one, or that it's just a ridiculous process.


There isn't anything inherently wrong with owning material possessions. The problem comes when we assign meaning to these possessions - meaning which can lead to unhappiness or fatigue. minimalism is a tool to get rid of life's excesses in favour of focusing on what's important and to just help you prioritise. The focus here is on happiness and not feeling weighed down.

why living light::
As soon as either of these topics come up in conversation, it's almost as if people take it as a personal attack and immediately jump to telling me how wrong I am. Or how futile it is as an activity. Or they critique my shoe collection. This is a process and a mindset (and a constant learning curve), and I'm also really keen to just not be wasteful financially or materially.

I firmly believe we need to adjust our mindset and find a way of referring to those who are just trying to do a bit better. It's not about immediately erradicating all the plastics in our houses, but looking at places to improve on a day to day basis.

so living light is my journey to reduce waste, material possessions and emotional baggage.