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Friday, 15 September 2017

| the chronicles of jerry | part 1

My dad.

My dad is a unique specimen.

He's short, bald and rotund.

He has his quirks. He likes things just so. 

He's eaten toast for breakfast since he was 2 and a half. 

Every single outfit consists of a collared top. 

But this is the story of The Royal Albert Hall.

- - -

He was a little excited you see, my dad, because there was a concert in that fairly famous location. His youngest daughter was playing the bassoon, the other... was supposed to be playing the cello.  

She hadn't actually been paying any attention at rehearsals and still wasn't sure of the performance piece. Or where she was sitting. Or anything really. 

But that was okay. You can't really see in the recording where she drops her bow and kind of just sits there. 

During the interlude. Jerry wanted a 'splore. 'Splorin is a mitchell thing, passed down the generations. I can train you. 

- - -

Up the steppy steps we went, and he got more and more excited. You see, he knew where we were going. He knew we'd get kicked out by security. But he didn't care.

We went round the back of the boxes, sneakily passing those with staff outside. 

We kept walking, and he kept hushing. 

'HERE'. He didn't yell.

He kind of jogged into the box, and started moving the chairs. 

'Dad! Dad! What are you doing?!'

I could hear people outside. 

Jerry started to hum too, and I had no idea what was going on.

He turned, gasped and giggled.

'Yes! The Queen has been here too!'

He then sat on all the chairs. 

And ran around in the corners. 

'Dad what the bloody hell are you doing?!'

'Excuse me sir. I'm going to have to ask you leave'

We both shouted it at the same time. Me. And the man wearing a security badge. 

My dad has never looked so pleased with himself. We were taken down to reception.

He finally whispered. 

'That. Was the royal box. We practically stood with royalty. '

Half an hour of explaining ourselves so my dad could rearrange the furniture and stand where a small lady sometimes stands. 

Thanks dad. 

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