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Saturday, 2 September 2017

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Okay so this post is technically 2 months late. Sorry.

I had envisioned that following my 25th I would  be overwhelmed by the urge to blog again and that I would leap in with the same enthusiasm I do with the Thames. 

Not so. 

ukulele:: I've had it two weeks now and I'm still not very good... weirdly. New skills are both frustrating and exciting. I get really impatient. Then I remember how long it took for me to hit high g with singing and so.. breathe. 

life skills:: did you know that budgets aren't as scary as you thought they were? I've made myself a cheeky little excel document that I update every day when I get home and this will hopefully sort me out. *bangs head on desk*

reviews:: this blog was built off of the back of a series of beauty and  obstacle race reviews (yeah totally linked) and I'm sorry to say it is unlikely they will be returning in the same quantity. I just don't buy as much anymore. Nor do I risk my limbs throwing myself around some of those crazy courses. 

hair:: one of my best friends seems to think blonde looks best. so... as if I needed an excuse!

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