sophie didn't do anything at all.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

things i stopped. things you should too.

The below is a list of things I've learnt to stop.

1. Forgetting about sophie. I care about myself. I put myself higher up the list than I used too. Well-being is an ambition.

2. I don't take an apology at face value. It's the action afterward I care for.

3. I shan't be a martyr in someone else's fight. I've taken a step away from drama. I'm so much happier.

4. I've removed negativity from my words, but also in the conversations around me.

5. Caring about how someone else sees my life. It's about how I feel.

6. Holding myself back from doing something scary

7. Putting people first who didn't value me

8. I've taken responsibility for my life. It feels great

9. Ensuring I'm liked. I'm more myself now. You can't be 100% everyone's cup of tea.

10. I no longer avoid saying no

11. I've stopped failing to recognise that my time is my greatest gift, and I don't give it to people who don't deserve it
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