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Monday, 7 August 2017

Play the song. read. 

This weekend was so good. I feel so refreshed and ready to hit this week. 

Not that I have much to hit this week, my to do list is looking decidedly short (no complaints!).

I really enjoyed covering the distance on saturday.. I'm only feeling it in my legs today following my run. So there's that. 

I'm giving myself a month to sort out the above. 

Next long paddle will be in two weeks, a weekend before our local hasler race - I'm so excited!

what i learnt:
I need more fuel. either beforehand or during. I felt very flat at the end - not fitness just a lack of energy. 
my core needs work. the henley stretch was so choppy. I'm normally okay but i was just shaking all over so got out and ran a fair way. I think it's hip flexors too. practice makes perfect.
I need my new paddles
pull bar still needs an adjustment (we steer with our feet)

finally settled on my tattoo idea. no surprises that it's a penguin.... 

in green. 

6 times. 

the tree is growing straight upwards. tilt your head. 
I'll be working on the below skill til I die. and it will probably be the reason I die.

Top adventuring ('splorin).

Love to get lost. 

yes. I can see in the dark thanks for asking. 

- - -

On the subject of the dark. I have a story to tell. 

Last night I was stung by a wasp.

whilst in bed. 

at 1am.

I don't know either. I imagine it got in yesterday when I was changing my bedding and stopped over for a nap. But probably wasn't too happy I'd decided to join him too so made a bit of a show over it. Shame one of us had to die. 

Bed wars is serious business. 

We should go over how painful it is though. Pity the fool who makes poor choices. 

what else?

No that's all I have there. 

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