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Friday, 4 August 2017

I used to be one of those people who saw something on sale and bought it in every colour - I'm talking shoes, tops, coats, skirts.... even lipsticks were owned in libraries rather than select choices. I would mindlessly browse the internet and  search for things I didn't need but were 'too good to miss' or just simply available.

My drawers were full, my room a mess and my belongings were spread across the house. I forgot about the things I owned, most still had tags on and rather than sorting through I just ended up with a lot of strategically placed piles.

It was awful.

Moving into a house earlier this year was a bit of an eye opener. I packed up everything I owned before realising I still had more in the attic. The problem had just moved location.

My housemate at the time used to comment on my 'mess' - strewn across the floor. He didn't really interact beyond that but it become somewhat a joke. A joke I didn't really like.

I wanted to tidy myself up a little.

and you know. I have. I own so much less. But less is more so in a way I own more.

Sentimental things now live in my dads attic. Ready for the day I want to see them again.

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