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Thursday, 10 August 2017

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i am not a hateful person. rarely do i express dislike towards someone, but sometimes you can only laugh at the irony.


things i would rather be doing right now:
- writing an essay, with the correct citations, about prime numbers
- eating an orange after brushing my teeth
- doing my taxes
- doing someone elses
- just going and sitting in traffic. anywhere. for an unnecessary amount of time
- be mansplained to. over and over.
- getting my wisdom teeth removed

why breaking up with your best friend is harder than losing your partner. #friendshift

losing a best friend is a lot like closing a door. there are parts of you they'll never see again, the funny little in jokes. the exchanged looks, the long sarcastic pauses. there's a betrayal of trust too. you should have been able to fix the problem, but you didn't. 

you were wrong. 

your whole friendship was a lie. you go over every moment you laughed together, or shared, and try to remember if really there was a falter in their voice, an uncertain chuckle. 

ways you know it was a good thing.

they'll happily bad mouth their friends
if someone will bitch to you about their supposed best friends, then you aren't safe either. remember that.

they're hot and cold
friendship isn't like a tap. you don't get to pick and choose. if someone makes you tread on eggshells then they're no real friend. as much as you crave the highs, it's no way to live. 

they tell you how to live
friends shouldn't dictate your life, merely be a part of it. it is not for them to say how to live, when to breathe or get angry at you for doing what they don't think you should. that's just not nice. it's a two way relationship. 

they replaced you
if someone can just move straight on, much like a relationship, then they need to rethink what they wanted from you too. it's not something you can control, it just shows bad habits. it doesn't mean you're replaceable... as hard as that is to see.

sure. miss them. miss your friend with all your heart but remember that things have changed. 

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