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Thursday, 20 July 2017

| things are a foot. or occasionally a hand.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Avid readers. My fans.

My occasional dabblers.

one moment. what a day.

I have a little announcement.

It's not a big one but...

I'm moving.

sophiedidwhat has had a great run.

I'm genuinely getting a bit emotional.

I'm starting up anew.

It's a really exciting adventure.

I'll close down this chapter before I go. I did consider leaving everything up for you to read. But like all good things, it's better they're forgotten. Grow dusty. 

And if you stumble upon me elsewhere on the web I hope you enjoy my new endeavours. 

They are quite exhilarating.

If you want to come too then you might be allowed to email me. I have space in my suitcase.

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