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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

the game changer

Sometimes I guess it takes dislocating your rib to make you realise where you've been going wrong all this time. [this is quite common for me, so don't panic].

At times my running technique is horrific - I tense up, twist my shoulders, and generally have a bad, inefficient technique.

Today however, the intense (and by that I mean excruciating) pain in my back prevented me from really moving my upper body. It forced me to engage my core properly and try to not bounce up and down. I also found relief in pushing my arms back and forwards, rather than side to side. This combined did something magical, and I was flying uphill.

It's hard to describe, but things felt like they had clicked into place. I just hope I can tap into that clarity without my rib coming out of where it should be. It's a painful process getting it back in.
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