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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

| life fail | wardrobe malfunctions | 2014

ohhhhh 2014.

- - -

This past week I have flashed more to the general public than is really necessary.

Take saturday.

In circumstances we don't need to discuss, my bra broke. MY BRA BROKE IN PUBLIC. This isn't even the first time that's happened, but it's the first I haven't had a back up. I quite literally was a walking, talking, nipple flashing, hysterical woman - who had a job to do.

Oh, and there were teenage boys roaming.

Thankfully, a delightful woman chased me down with some safety pins and secured the offending anatomy into a barely make-shift piece of undergarment. For the rest of the day I was awkwardly aware of the possibility of popping out - made all the worse due to a poor choice of push-up bra. So much popping potential.

Yesterday, I went for a bike ride and ended up with my entire bum on show. I had decided to wear leggings which had made it round an obstacle course - durable, you'd think. A small hole on the seam had passed me by - something I only clocked around half a mile from my house. By that point, I was too far gone to head home, and crossed my fingers the stitching would hold.

It didn't. Passing some kind of wedding party I felt the hole catch on my seat and that was that really. By this point I was two miles from home, and cycling was only making the issue worse. Walking that one home was a bit of a ballache.

Hey but that's okay, because we're back on flashing tit.

Returning a parcel to the post office has never been so stressful. ASOS in one hand, Urban Outfitters in the other I was happily strolling down the road. Approaching was a babble of small children. I can't identify age, only that they were under 3ft maybe? Anyway. The leader, of the blonde variety, came charging towards me, I sidestepped, he tripped. Natural instinct took over and he grabbed onto the first thing he could. My slightly loose dress.

The two mothers who were shepherding the little gang shot me a look that could kill. Given I had full hands (phone, iPod and parcels) I couldn't quickly rectify the situation and that must have made things all the worse for it.

At least, I had decided to wear a nice bra. God forbid I flashed unprepared.

the offending dress. correctly worn


Sunday, 6 July 2014

| weekly wind-down 26

This week was awesome.

I had my friends round for a casual evening of pimms and strawberry laces, and then it was Henley Regatta.

For those of you not in the know, it's quite a big deal in the rowing world.

My dad, being a member of the prestigious Stewards Enclosure allows myself and my sister to bring friends along to really experience the event.

The friday I took Ross, my faithful and amazing obstacle race partner.

He had a few problems with his tie, but we'll forget about that - he's from a different part of the country... 

For the Saturday, I managed to blag a few more tickets.

I was so in awe of how beautiful my friends looked (even the boys), and I would love to have the opportunity to do it more often.

This week I'm loving

Summer fun. 

I dunno though, sometimes things get a little intense. I've been struggling (as always) to stay upright all the time, and sometimes it all gets a bit fuzzy round the edges.

Rediscovering old music. I used to listen to some really great tunes. I bet you're jealous. Because, I sure am.

50771. If you can guess what that number means I'll buy you some jelly beans.


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