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Monday, 2 June 2014

| what my runs feel like

I updated this post because...

1. Yes I am so ready for this. So fresh. Lets do this.

2. Well. That lasted long. Tired now.

3. So, I planned on doing 5 miles, but doing 2 isn't so bad either I guess. I'll just do it tomorrow?

4. Nope, not 2 miles. Maybe I'll walk the final 4 - that's not too far.

5. Okay, it's feeling far.

6. How long have I been running? Definitely at least 2 hours

7. 3 minutes. You have got to be kidding?!

8. Ok. Back in the zone. 

9. Hey I'll walk for a bit round the corner. That's even better.

10. Oh damn. That's another human person. Oh. They're running, better keep running too. Do we race?

11. Runners code? Runners what now? How do I deal with them?

12. Wave. This is a waving situation.

13. Ah shucks. He nodded. Never doing that again.

14. Just run it off. Casual. Be cool. 

15. What is this? Speed? Feet STOP we are out of control.

16. That burned me out. Damn I'm tired now. 

17. What was that thing I was going to do? Try to remember when I get home. Must remember to remember when I get there

18. Will I ever get home? I can barely remember life before starting running. Who even am I? Where am I?!

19. I must be halfway.

20. So that's what a mile feels like.

21. Okay, keep focused. What am I going to stretch when I get back?

22. Why is my shoulder hurting? Definitely not connected to my legs.

23. What is this? Why do I even run

24. I dont even like running

25. Why does anyone run?

26. What is running?

27. What is life?

28. Car. That's definitely a car. Stick to the pavement please.

29. Maybe I'll do a marathon.

30. What is that, like 26 miles?

31. Pff. I could do that easy. That's like walking to the end of my road and back a few times

32. No problem

33. Wait that was my reflection. Is that really what I look like from over here?!

34. A baby ostrich. I look like an ostrich crossed with a chicken.


36. If this was a contest to see who was making the biggest fool of themselves then I would win by far

37. Look at me prance along sir, so full of energy and life

38. nope. prancing is hard work.

39. Is that my house? Have I crossed the line? ...No I don't live here. Sorry strangers - thank you for the water!!

40. I'm going to walk it in. No harm in slow and steady.

I can't wait for my next run
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