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Sunday, 15 June 2014

| weekly wind-down 23

Since the age of seven, where it was proclaimed at dinner, I have hated the number 23. It's prime, it's made up of two ugly numbers and nothing good comes in 23's. 

[sorry I'm attempting to cook. I've decided to be lazy and just throw vegetables in a pot and eat them like that. It's not tasty. 0/5 stars. If I stop typing a sentence midway it's because I've probably set fire to the kitchen. Proofreading takes away that fun.]

This week! I don't even know where the time has gone - and as I mentioned in the last weekly wind-down, things are getting to be too much. I visited the doctors again because health-wise I'm heading down an iffy path, but fingers crossed it's just a case of general excitement and too much sugar. Of course. 

I did a fair amount of rowing this week, and also started coaching again for my old club. I was shocked by how much I'd clearly missed it.

This guy is really tall and moves the boat quite nicely. 

Ginger-gone-blonde threw a pretty successful 'pizza party'.

there's a couple of people missing from this picture, but we're getting there!!

I used my time wisely (I tied her to the door and we all went inside). Delightful.

This week I'm a-lovin'
Random surprises. Like when my dad threw a Toblerone at my head and declared it was mine now.

Oh. Did I mention I'm blonde again? And that I've put pink in the blonde so look like I got attacked by a candy-floss machine.

my dad walked in, saw us pulling these faces and promptly left. 
This week I'm a-lustin'
Wild hair colours. WILD. I'm pink, my sisters red and my dad is sporting bald.

Strawberries. Finally it's actually the right season for them - I REFUSE to eat forced fruit. My sister insists on eating them with cream and meringues, whereas I like to have them by themselves and leave sticky strawberry juice everywhere. [guess which one of us is the naughty child]. I'm insistent that we were swapped at a young age as her maturity is that of a middle aged woman, whereas I managed to eat some soap.

This post, quite clearly, has been sponsored by my father. He has been coming into my room to make sure I've mentioned him a few times.

I take mine with a lime,

sophie x
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