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Sunday, 1 June 2014

| weekly wind-down 21

'If you were a star wars character, what would you be?'

'Harry Potter.'

Wrong. Wrong on so many levels and I was the one who said it.


This week has been jam-packed and a bit stressful. As of friday I have completed my second year on my second degree attempt and it was a bit of a let down. There was no fanfare, not one single balloon and my sleep deprivation had almost pushed me over the edge.

Well, at least that's done with.

Wednesday marked the 22nd birth date of an amazing friend of mine. We celebrated it in style, 'Roaring 20s', and her house looked incredible (I'm sad I didn't get more pictures but I was too busy getting busy).

The below photograph was our only fairly successful attempt at some kind of a group shot.

Friday was interesting. My dad decided we would be taking a short trip to Newcastle, there and back again on the same day, taking a detour via my mums house in Kirkbymoorside. Over 600 miles.

It's a road.
This week I like:
A sister who will always tidy up after me. I managed to have more than one culinary disaster and she just swooped in before sorting things out. Magical.

Some incredible items of footwear arriving in the post. YES

Finding a new southern running partner - faster than me yes, however a bit less intellectually stimulating.

I once thought I was quite good at baking...
The lust list:
more weekend plans.

Love sophs.

stay bitchin'
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