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Sunday, 25 May 2014

| weekly wind-down 20

I was going through a period earlier this year where I guess, you could say, I was feeling pretty down.

I was frustrated with uni, missed my friends, had been messed around, was feeling like training was going nowhere and generally, really, a bit ungrateful. 

This past week and a bit has turned all that on its head. 

i think she'll be in every post. i like my sister.
This week I am thankful for
my family.
my beautiful friends (well, some of them)
The bumps. An utterly ridiculous rowing tradition held between a select set of clubs annually. It's incredible. It's fun.

The wish list
nothing. for once. nothing.

I guess though, writing these posts makes me think things through, and this weekend has genuinely reminded me what a rich and busy life I have. I am so content.

Bring it.

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