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Sunday, 18 May 2014

| weekly wind-down 19

This weekend marks my fourth 600 mile round trip in a month (will be doing it again on Wednesday). My body is clocking up more miles than my dads car.. which is ridiculous.

we are fierce.

This week I am grateful for:
Our little trip to see the infamous Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. Wow. 
Also, at that performance we bumped into a woman who has played a hugely important and influential role in my life - my beautiful singing teacher. There's something to be said for seeing someone once a week for 8 years, and seriously, I wish she knew what a positive role model she was (and still is). 

finally, we are back to being the right way round (her darker, me lighter)
My sister and I have grown so far from the small children that used to bite each other and cut the ends off socks. I think. 

this is my best friend. we shouldn't be allowed out unsupervised. or at least, allowed out.
The wish list:
A constant and steady supply of caffeinated drinks, specifically a skinny vanilla latte with chocolate sprinkles. (I take it skinny because I don't actually like milk, rather than calorie counting. who actually does that?)

love sophie


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