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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

| studying

For some of us, this is stress season.

It's not the time to be sunbathing or lying around absorbing a new book, no. It's balls deep in revision.

Eat smart
The key to survival is nutrition. It's especially important when you're not feeling 100% through stress and general fatigue.
Lost of veg, lots of clean food,
I am in LOVE with Graze. I have a weekly order.
Claim your free box here - I love the nut and chocolate mixes. nom!

Don't be silly, not alcohol. I'm talking about clean, fresh water. 2-3 litres a day, throughout the day. 
I'm not going to deny you your caffeine hit - that's going too far, but I will say that you need to balance it out with a good amount of hydrating fluid too.

So. I don't know much about the science, but to say the least, we should get enough sleep so that our body can function.

For me, that's around 8 hours, but I know some people don't need that much, and some need more. It's down to personal preference.

Recently, I have been using this app and it may be placebo, but I have been making much more of an effort to sleep, and it's definitely interesting to see if it's been 'good quality' (you get a percentage score!). 
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